Freedom From Worry

Freedom from worry means you are totally committed in believing and trusting Him and you have His peace.

1 Peter 5:7-9
‘Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about what happens to you. Be careful! Watch out for attacks from the Devil, your great enemy. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for some victim to devour. Take a firm stand against him, and be strong in your faith. Remember that your Christian brothers and sisters all over the world are going through the same kind of suffering you are’.

Cast all your cares on Him is easy if you really trust and believe He will take care of them.

Fear follows worry. As I studied the word worry I only found direct mention a few time in the NKJ version however I found the word Fear over 300 times!. Worry is fear triumphing over faith, on the other hand where there is faith there can not be fear.

2 Tim 1:7 ‘God has not given us the spirit of fear…’

Cast your cares, throw off the burden of your care. In order to truly do this you have to believe that God cares, that He is omnipresent. You have to know that He is personally concerned about you and that he will get personally involved in the life of everyone who will come to Him and give Him his or her cares and burdens. Because of free will he will not come, can not come and take them.

John 3:16 says for God so loved the world. He doesn’t give up on you when you mess up. Look at Adam and Eve He could have said “I gave you everything and look how you are. I’m going to go somewhere else and start over your on your own” but He didn’t!

In Numbers 14:11 after God got them out of Egypt and they continued messing up even though God did tell Moses, “I’m going to do away with this bunch” Moses talked God out of destroying them 13-20. Then God sent His son to die for us. Sounds like some one you gets personally involved.

Then in Acts 2:4 He sent the Holy Spirit to help us. To help us overcome all our tests, trials and tribulations. The Holy Spirit is here to deliver us and teach us. We have the power of the Holy Spirit because God cares.

Psalm 55:22 NLT says “Give your burdens to the LORD, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall”.

If you don’t cast your worries or burdens to God he won’t and He can’t help you.

Are you caring your cares around? The message bible says load up and pile your trouble on Gods shoulders He will carry them for you.

When you can’t do anything in the natural, God can.

We are to do the casting He is to do the sustaining. NKJ Bible says he will sustain you.

Perseverance pays off

You have to be press in and become committed to obeying God to receive his Blessings. Losing weight is a great example. At first you do not see the results but if you will preserver it will happen. Good eating habits and exercise will change the way you look on the outside, just as aproper diet of the Word and exercising it, using what your taught, applying what God says for you to do in every situation will change you spiritually. Faith has a part in this. It takes faith to let go of your problems . Then you have to believe or have faith he will take care of it.

The just shall live by faith. (Rom 1:17; Gal 3:11; Heb 10:38)

Learn to rest in the lord. Psalm 37:5- 9 ‘Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, And He shall bring [it] to pass. He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light, And your justice as the noonday. Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for Him; Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way, Because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass. Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; Do not fret — [it] only [causes] harm. For evildoers shall be cut off; But those who wait on the LORD, They shall inherit the earth.’

Cast your cares once and for all. Get a hold of the fact that abundant living depends on whether or not you cast your cares on the Lord.

A person who has learned how to cast his or her burdens on the Lord walks around with a smile on their face they are confident. This person knows that even though problems and fear and worry come, He can and will handle them. This person has learned the secret of living worry-free.

Next month in my Bible Study I will discuss How to Conquer Worry by Conquering Your Thoughts . I tell you how to train your thoughts to work for you not against you. Be sure and study and exercise this months study first so you will be ready.